Monday, June 9, 2008

"The Intertwined" In Development


So as of this point, I have began developing a project entitled "The Intertwined." The originally script needed a complete overhaul, so there are debates on whether or not there is enough of the original story to leave the original staff on the project. Realistically speaking, there is only about >1o% of the original story elements involved which leads us to the question of whether or not the original staff whom sought JAGO Productions LLC for development of the piece will stay involved or walk way to pursue the project they originally came to us for.

Unfortunately, it is one of the situations where one comes to us hoping to do something at an extremely low-budget with a relatively weak story and out of this comes a project that is virtually 100% from what was brought to the table. In fact, the only element that remained from the original story was the names used-- well more so one of the names.

However, this will all be negotiated with all the parties involved as the script grows closer to completion and we get to the later-parts of development and towards the beginning of pre-production.

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